happy new year.

I'd like to start off with wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yes, I know, it's January 16th.  Let's just say I've had a rough beginning to my 2015 so far.  I started off the new year with a nasty cough and cold - completely limiting my time, urge, and strength to create anything new. My work at my day time job has been piling up from my sick days off, and we have another Te Varua Ori show coming up, meaning more practices and later nights.  But no worries!  I'm feeling much better, I'm beginning to make a dent in my work at work, but I'm still trying to adjust to the crazy practice schedule.  I know things will work out, I just know it.  

I've also gotten back into a creative groove.  Tons of new ideas bouncing around in my head!  Now I've just got to figure out when and how to make them all happen.  

New Year's Resolution No. 1: Better Time Management

I've got quite a bit more resolutions to make happen this year, but for now time is definitely what I need to manage.  I promise to be more consistent with updates, posts, and new listings.  It'll be a struggle at first, but it will happen.  In the mean time, check out what's currently in stock in the shop.  

Cheers to the New Year!


<3  June