California dreamin'

After a glorious, beautiful, and inspiring two weeks in paradise, I am feeling very refreshed and cleared my mind of all the stresses of a daily 9-5 and having a big show checked off a long list of to-do's.  It was a much needed and well deserved vacation.

Being back home and at work is a bit challenging, especially trying to adjust back to a regular schedule.  It's tough to focus on what I need to and should be doing now.  My mind is still partially on vacation mode.  Reminiscing about the crystal clear waters, ocean views, hospitality, and the simple carefree lifestyle of the islands.  Life is so much different here.  It's always hustle and bustle and no time to relax. I'm really missing that laid back lifestyle where if some thing goes wrong you just say, "ees okeh, ees alright." 

I've been thinking up some new ideas and plans for the rest of this year and trying to get a head start for next. There's  a lot I'd like to accomplish and I'm praying that I make it all happen.  I know it's a tease to say new things are coming soon! And then nothing happens haha, I know. It's been rough with scheduling and time, but just know that I want this enough and I    will  make it happen somehow, someway. Hopefully much sooner than later. So of course, fanny packs! I'm really working on making that happen. Figuring out a plan that won't drive me insane or to insomnia lol. I can at least guarantee that they will be available before the holidays, just don't know when that will be. So please stay tuned! And thanks so much for your time and patience ❤️

 Keep the kindness and good vibes flowing. 



Bora Bora 💙 #throwbackthursday

Bora Bora 💙 #throwbackthursday