Do you have a physical location or can Nana'o be found at any retailers?

Nana'o is currently only available online on Etsy and throughout the year at various events, vendor fairs, and Tahitian dance competitions.  However, I'd love to someday open up my own shop and be featured at other retail locations. In the mean time, follow Nana'o on Instagram, Twitter, or our Events feed for the latest updates! 

I don't see [insert item/color here] available in the shop.  Will you be restocking or making more?

Most items listed in the shop are made in limited quantities because of the location from where, amount or availability of a color or print that is sourced. Unfortunately, once a print, material, or color is gone, it may be gone for good.  

Do you take custom orders?

Sometimes.  I'm not always available for custom orders, it typically depends on my schedule.  Every now and then I am able to squeeze in a few items.  Feel free to message me for any inquiries! 

Do you just add prints to already made products?

Every item is uniquely designed and handmade from start to finish in my little work room  ;)

Where do you get your supplies from?

All materials are sourced from Los Angeles and my travels to Tahiti.

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