Nana'o: Handmade and Inspired by Ori.

Based in Southern California, Nana'o features handmade handbags and accessories.   

Nana'o (nah-nah-o) is a Tahitian word meaning tattoo, engraving, or story.   

Each item in the Nana'o shop has been created and inspired by ori or Tahitian dance, combining classic and unique styles with a touch of the Polynesian islands. 

Materials are sourced locally from the U.S. and Tahiti.

Hello there!

I am the maker, designer, and master mind behind Nana'o. My name's June, but I was born in September.  I also do a little Tahitian dance and photography. I am huge on DIY, I love fashion, design from graphic to interior,  I love it all!

I learned to sew when I was 12.  I take after my mother and grandmother's craftiness.   I enjoy taking on new projects as they come.   I love to shop.  My work space is never clean.   I'm big on DIY projects and ideas. I love Disneyland.  I love to cook.  I never knew that the bread on corn dogs was corn bread - bind blown.  I love to sing, but only when I'm alone.  I want to travel the world.

I work a full-time job during the day and work on Nana'o on my free nights weekends, in hopes of eventually running it full-time.  


Thank you for stopping by and supporting Nana'o!


- June

Me and my bests.  They've been by my side through it all. 

Me and my bests.  They've been by my side through it all.